Me, the Machine

by Groove Think

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Unleashed 05:45
At first you were nothing more than just an idea A thought so sincere Now I've won back the day that I thought disappeared A light to follow Back where we once were Celebrate what she means to me See her life through this machine My ambition has been born again Help these scars to heal and mend Maybe we will find through what we'll build here Consciousness we'll bind clear the cache of fears Source of all our strife will be a distant memory Balanced on this knife our minds will be unleashed Through what haunts you inside your mind
Myopia 08:23
Ring my hands Bullets line my brow Confidence He must see Through each line What I seek Minds that churn Yet he says I know you meant for this to be an altruistic form But I intend to go beyond You see my goals are far less philanthropic more myopic in what I intend to do The direction of my cause Is now firmly in the jaws Of malevolence Power to create Potential to destroy The ones who need it most I'll help him to see Man's duality A cause he'll surely know Virtues to bestow As they thank me for expressing my concern I'm assured that they'll know where to find me And as if to say "yes, we hold the key to your freedom" I'm told I'll be left for dead
I've got to let go A moment unknown from what I made from what I saved Neither've ever known They are of their own And now I choose Whom to lose Giving up Cashing in These are things I don't do well Take it in Think it through Make this choice a part of you Bring only one with you Let her involve into What we really need She'll never know why I let go Helpless to defend her days ahead It's just not fair I'm downright scared of what's to come She'll never know why I let go
Machines today have nothing to say Like clocks stuck ticking their lives away With the gears caught spinning in place Nothing to do and no time to waste Seems to me a screen can hold a body at bay But a spark could jostle these minds awake For a moment it all falls into place The moment's gone back to the race Daybreak flowing through my veins Unclouding the opaque humming of a mainframe chugging It takes my breath away until the Freight train burning down the wire it's bringing the Restrain right between my eyes it's aiming I think that I have seen another way Haywire blazing through the circus cutting the Tripwires hidden in the circuits thinking of What I want to be to see it Unfurled open up my eyes welcome to the Real world and it's no surprise I'm singing Out of the box and into the clarity Free form swinging from the ceiling chasing the Brainstorm digging on the feeling knowing It's all inside my head here's to the Last call listen to the soothing sound of the Nightfall laughing in the moonlight leaving All unimportant things for the break of day I'm really asking Why it is we do what we do And if a clock ever gets the chance to choose At any moment if it's really the case The moment's gone back to the race
I wish you'd tell me why We have to say goodbye If only you could explain Everything would remain These days I feel lost in my own home If you fell into the wrong hands Could I forgive myself The color that shines so bright in you Would fade away Where do I place my trust When it all starts to rust I'm reaching out to grasp The world but it moves too fast
Mentalia 05:56
Mosaic 05:04
Fearing these two Eyes that see through Lost in the streams Bits of thought endless reams From a million different lifetimes A million separate scores Each of their own Off to dust set in stone In a digital mosaic by countless many cores Once a pictureless frame And I'm to blame Each piece in its place and I see the face The frames embrace Within this space Piece by piece put in place As these colors shape the outline Of what we can restore
Refraction 08:56
My outlook is stronger Like light passing through water Refracted against a new Hope for my rescue Live a while on your own Live a while and sever ties To the outlet in your arm You didn't think could bring you harm Why do we disguise our need Yet here I wait for my machine A life of expression a lasting impression Like fear passing through my heart Bent into a new start


The sophomore album from Austin prog rockers Groove Think. This album expands on some of the ideas laid down in Intellect, and shows growth in the band's composition and musicality.


released July 20, 2020

Frederick Jones, Corey Isaacs, Mike Krieger:
Writing, Producing, Mixing, Mastering

Guest Musicians
Katie Shaw-Meadow: Keys
Caleb H Polashek: Violin
Will Daniel (Willie D): Saxophone

Art by Enzo Loechel

Special thanks to:
Tom Brady, Katy Thorson, Kirby Jay, PJ the pitbull, Edwin Pacheco (for diversity), Teddy Jones, Mitchell Mazurek, Shrek (and Mike Myers by proxy), and all of the incredible people who have given us their money and feedback on the music. Sorry it took so long to get this thing out, but we finally did it!


all rights reserved



Groove Think Austin, Texas

Groove Think is an innovative, progressive rock trio based in Austin, TX that fuses elements of funk, jazz, and groove. Groove Think established in October of 2010 with Frederick Jones on guitar and Corey Isaacks on bass, with a recent addition of Michael Darling on drums to complete the trio. ... more

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